Just for the sake of Posterity

Request: Proposal To Offer Fan Assistance To Cyan Worlds For Uru Operations

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Just for the sake of Posterity

Post by Tai'lahr » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:46 am

In the months between Cyan's announcement to place MORE indefinitely on hold and the recent announcement to place Uru's future in the hands of the community, I had suggested to more than one person that if they really wanted to do something constructive to bring Uru back, they should organize members of the community who could actually make it happen and then write a serious proposal to Cyan outlining an offer to do so. Only one person - Jamey (kyashii in MOUL) - had the initiative to take on such a monumental task and he started a thread on the Guild of Writers forum just two weeks before the recent announcement.

When I saw the replies he was getting, I told him that this idea might not be feasible after all as it appeared that many of the members who could make this happen seemed to have given up and moved on and the ones left behind didn't show much faith in his idea. His reply: "If I don't, who will?"

So, I did what I could to help him out by starting a similar thread on the MOUL forums and requested to have it heavily moderated in order to keep the discussion on topic and positive. Despite our best efforts there, the thread didn't receive the kind of attention we needed. We needed a new place - the kind of place that could attract the community members who could really make a difference with their contributions to the proposal - a place off the beaten path where we could leave behind all the naysayers and others who just wanted to spout their opinions, but not offer any constructive suggestions.

As luck/fate/coincidence would have it, JWPlatt had been considering writing his own proposal regarding Open Source and starting this web site for discussion about it, and planned to have a proposal ready by the Spring. (Heh, way back then, any hope of Uru returning was so far in the future that I'm sure everyone believed we had all the time in the world to make our plans and write our proposals.)

JWPlatt recognized our need and offered to move up his plans and go ahead and set up this site for our use in organizing, discussing and writing a serious proposal to Cyan. He only asked that we include his proposal for Open Source as just one of the many options we planned to offer Cyan. He provided us with a forum section of our own that we could moderate ourselves and even restrict its membership if necessary. We were charged up and ready to go. Just a few details were left to do before we announced our move and began a serious campaign to get community members to participate.

Then Cyan's announcement came and made both of the proposals unnecessary. Jamey removed his original post about the proposal, but I wanted to have something here to remind everyone of his attempt to do whatever he could to bring Uru back. This post is simply meant to serve as a footnote to Uru's history.


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