Success Sooner Than Expected: Open Source Uru

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Re: Success Sooner Than Expected: Open Source Uru

Post by JWPlatt » Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:58 pm

Ned wrote:While we are waiting on the code, are we yet free to publicly launch a small attempt [shard] for guild / dev meetings?
No. Cyan has not relaxed any restrictions. As Mac_Fife says, shards remain "illegal."
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Re: Success Sooner Than Expected: Open Source Uru

Post by Dot » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:44 pm

In the meantime, there are various chat rooms that can be used for intergroup meetings if needed.

For example, in GoMa the leadership team have held several meetings very successfully in the chat room associated with the forum and website. We've also 'lent out rooms' so to speak to other groups in the community. And GoMa is only one of several similar facilities open for meetings or just informal get-togethers and chats.

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Re: Success Sooner Than Expected: Open Source Uru

Post by Ned » Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:57 am

Ok thanks for clearing that up for me.
Years back I had the early source for the Plasma server system when it was properly open source. Hence just prior to Cyan's licensing of it.
I thought if there were some still running that....(if any instances of it still exist) there could be a meeting place there
As I understood it then the Plasma source was open source and a model client (yes with the authentication server ommission) could be run without great copyright infringments
some exceptions were made in the early days for network games I believe.
...but I could be wrong on that :)

So what we are expecting is the at-the-time build from gametap?
hmmm....I was hoping they were going to release some of the older stuff too.

oh'll have to forgive my not using the URU lingo like UU and MO:UL and so on....its been years since I was involved heavilly in URU and today running my own game company comes with it its own lingo.
Seeing all the abrev's sometimes makes me crosseyed, but I'll pick it up again I'm sure :)

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