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To Resource Managers

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:37 am
by JWPlatt
Greetings Mac_Fife, rarified, ametist, and other helpful members

We have been facing the need for a little more organization about how to generally manage resources, inform, and respond to requests. I think all of you have recently brought this up in one way or another. I really appreciate your efforts.

Please take a look at this new Resource section. I hope you get the gist of it within seconds. Then let me know if you think this looks like a good idea.

I have created member and manager user groups for each resource just as if they were projects of their own. Resource managers are moderators of their respective forums.

I want to stress that this does not mean I think it's your job. We all do this in our spare time and there are absolutely no expectations other than being responsible when you are here. I would hope that you go out and have all the fun you need in real life before even thinking of coming here. Enjoy.