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Post by JWPlatt » Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:39 pm

From a PM I sent yesterday to the team:

Maybe you want to sit down.


February 24, 2011

Cyan Worlds is releasing Open Source through
  • Mark delivered the sources for the client and plugin to us today.
  • The sources will be released under the GPLv3 license as " Engine".
  • a'moaca' and I have had the auth and game file sources for a couple of weeks to help MOSS development.
  • There are holes from third party libraries (like PhysX and Bink, etc.) that Cyan can't distribute.
  • Server sources still need work and are not included. That's where MOSS is extremely timely.
  • The sources will be built into a Mercurial repo and the raw sources will be available for download. Mark says, "I still like the idea of not using the 3rd party repo and just have it on As a'moaca' pointed out there may be more branching (forking) but that would happen whether it was at Google Code or - so this way the branches are at one place. Also, I was thinking that there would be non-repo download of the source as it comes directly from Cyan."
  • Cyan, a'moaca', and will align for simultaneous release in a month or when we are all ready.
  • This has been officially in the works since December 17, shortly before Mac and I started our renovations and getting the Atlassian licenses.
  • a'moaca' accidentally stepped into this with impeccable timing to offer her server, MOSS, as a new project here.
  • Those who are known to be fully informed are: Rand, Tony, Mark, Mac_Fife, a'moaca', cjkelly1, rarified, and JWPlatt.
  • This has been and will be a real commitment of time and/or effort for many of us. Very much appreciated! <applause>

I consider receipt of the sources as a launch. Congrat's! This has been over two years in the making here. For some of us, much longer. As a project launch we need to take this out of the awkward structure of PMs and start some real, open project development (but keep it strictly confidential until Cyan officially and publicly announces Open Source).

I don't like management via hidden forums, but all these PMs are effectively the same thing. For now, we should consider ourselves under NDA even though one has not been asked for by Cyan from any of us. We are trusted - a real compliment from Cyan. So I would like to take a poll in PM as possibly our last private act. Please just keep your answer/opinion brief as it is my preference to continue all further discussion on a forum for the purpose.

Q1: Do you want to: a) keep this in PMs, or b) create a "hidden" forum just for us?

Q2: The Forum could come with: b1) an understanding it will remain completely private to us forever, or b2) the proviso that the forums will be made public upon Cyan's announcement.

Q3: Upon Cyan's announcement, the hidden forum should be: b1a) locked and kept hidden, b1b) leave it open for our exclusive use (joke!), b2a) public and locked, or b2b) public and open.

Ok, let's see if we get lucky with unanimous consent. ;)

Good luck!


For the record, the team found a consensus to move this and other discussions out of PMs and into an project management forum which will be made public upon Cyan's announcement of open source. These threads will be locked at that time, but will remain public along with continued transparent management on this forum.
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Re: Engine Project

Post by JWPlatt » Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:45 pm

April 6, 2011

Everyone has done tremendous work at bringing forth open source for Cyan Worlds and the community. Thank you! Mac_Fife and rarified have been here since the beginning in late 2008, incrementally contributing improvements and resources to make what it has become. a'moaca' has come in with her Wireshark plugin project and ultimately with cjkelly1 to develop and produce MOSS. With Cyan Worlds' generousity and cooperation with open source, a'moaca' and cjkelly1 gave us not only a server, but also an executable client way ahead of expectations, providing a completely open source solution to run an Uru shard. All we started with were plans for an open source MOULa repository. These achievements are really something wonderful. So, now we've done our bit to get things started. Let's see what the community can bring to Open Source Uru.
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