Bitbucket and GitHub Integration With Foundry JIRA Engine Project Management
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Bitbucket and GitHub Integration With Foundry JIRA

Post by JWPlatt » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:31 am

Bitbucket and GitHub Integration With's Foundry JIRA continues its commitment to ease of use through public open source repositories Bitbucket and GitHub.

Rarified's upgrade of JIRA to version 5.0 and installation of the JIRA DVCS Connector on Foundry now means a new level of integration with Bitbucket and GitHub.

What it means: Better support for H'uru development's use of GitHub.

As far as new features for JIRA itself, you should see an introduction the next time you log onto JIRA - take a look.

I will combine some bullet points from the announcements, include a video, and provide reference links.
  • Integrate Bitbucket or Github with JIRA and link every commit to a bug or development task
  • Track changesets, monitor source code edits, drill through to your source files, and link back to Bitbucket or GitHub
  • Push your changesets to JIRA simply by referencing issue keys in your commit messages
  • Map unlimited public and private Bitbucket repositories to your JIRA projects
  • Integrates with Activity Streams ... bitbucket/
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