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Re: Getting OpenURU CWE client working

Post by Valdez » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:11 pm

Ah okay, I misspelled the word "Physical.sdl" in my manifest source so the client never got that particular SDL, which makes perfect sense why the game would crash when I try to move physics objects without it. :P That problem has been resolved. Sorry about that :P My own stupidity got me there. (And i'll bet the reason the script never got the file sizes was b/c it could never find the files specified. I used ManifestCreator for my final version of the mbam which I made just now. Since I know it needs the files specfied in the manfiest to MAKE the manifest, I hoped that it would give it the sizes. (also helped me find the Physical.sdl misspell!))

The crashing on Win7 is still a problem, however. :(

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