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Post by Paradox » Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:09 am

I agree there's some painful manual setup required for compiling Plasma on Windows. Ultimately, getting development dependencies and C++ projects set up in Windows is always a trying process. I think we're actually much better than a lot of projects in that we provide a bundle specifically to help people avoid some of that frustration.

I think we can do better though, and since we were updating dependencies at the same time as our compiler bump to VS2013, I've made some changes to help streamline the process:
  • There's now a user-friendly landing page for the project at
  • There's now a top-level script in the repository that will fetch the devlibs bundle from GoW and run CMake for you.
  • I've updated the GoW wiki page to have basic and advanced sections. There's still too much stuff on there, but I don't think any of it can be removed.
Unfortunately it's still a requirement to install a very specific version of the PhysX SDK, the DirectX SDK, and CMake. Those SDKs can't be avoided though, and CMake is the only reasonable way to provide cross-platform build files without hand-maintaining several platform-specific project files. Git is another thing that I think it's reasonable to expect developers to be familiar with, although it's not required if you just want to look at the code and compile it.

If you have suggestions to improve any of the above, please email me (I don't check PMs regularly on any forums anymore).
Our next priorities for the project are investigating some form of CI, integrating unit tests, fixing issues pointed out by Coverity static analysis, and working down our Roadmap.

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