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Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:08 pm
by Mac_Fife
Your method getting to the desired result is elegant but beyond my comprehension of Mercurial :D I agree that approach is the way to go (but it also needs someone to commit to keeping it maintained or we end up back here next time there's a breaking update).

Lyros had PRs on BitBucket for his changes, so his repo and history ought to be retrievable from there. I'm also pretty sure he had a Jenkins job set up to build from his repo, so I'd imagine that rarified can replicate that service for whoever takes this on, if necessary.

Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:29 pm
by Annabelle

Now I'm a bit lost. What should I do?

Use Mercurial or OU Foundry tools?

I created a BitBucket account already. I'm more interested in starting anew with latest MOULa code and change physics behaviours than trying to do some patching here and there.

Let's say, Mercurial:
You'll just need to fetch the skydiving branch, merge the tip, then commit the result.
Adam is always a man of few words... That seems very easy when I read it but I cannot foresee how much time those steps will take me.

I have installed Mercurial on my system.

Now what I need to understand is:
How do I import the Skydiving Branch in my own bitbucket?
If I have to "merge the tip", I also need to import the latest MOULa client code, right?

I might need some help to walk me through the whole process.

Let's say, OU Foundry:
I still need to put source code on my repository. What source code? MOULa client or skydiving branch?

What caught my eyes is this:
Rarified wrote
and would have access to the libraries needed for those clients
That was a major down for a lot of explorers when the Skydiving client was out back in 2012. People needed to download new dll in order to get the client to work. So if I can improve the client that would be great.

Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:19 pm
by Mac_Fife
Annabelle, it's not either Mercurial or Foundry - you probably need both (unless you really want to find and install the Visual C/C++ compilers and all the other libraries on your own PC).

Mercurial is the Repository system and BitBucket is an online, publically accessible implementation of it. The OU Foundry provides the compilers to build the code that that you have in your BitBucket repository. It (more or less) just needs to be told the URL of your repo, but rarified is the man to give the advice on that.

You probably didn't need to install Mercurial - In any case, many people seem to prefer to use SourceTree as a local repo tool (and it shares its login with BitBucket since they're both Atlassian tools). You can either work just in BitBucket, or work locally on your PC and have SourceTree keep your local code and the copy on BitBucket in sync. On the other hand, SourceTree, BitBucket and I just don't get along at all, so don't ask me to give any advice on how to do the trick Adam described - there's possibly some clever way that once you've forked Lyros' repo into your own that you can then merge the tip from another repo to get a merged set of code. That's beyond me.

But to start (and from memory), from inside BitBucket, you'd go to Lyros' repo and then find the option to copy/fork the Skydiver client repo into your own repo. Sorry, I'm just not the best person to give detailed advice when it comes to distributed repo systems!

Re: Minkata Shard Update May 15, 2017 -- Build #121

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:52 pm
by Annabelle
I followed your advices Mac_Fife and it seems to have worked!
I have all the files and changes made by Lyrositor back in 2013 in my SourceTree on my PC

I logged back to my BitBucket account and there was no synchronisation whatsoever.

Despite the fact that you may think that downloading Mercurial on my PC in the first place wasn't necessary ...I'm old enough to have lived under the regime of command prompt and feel comfortable using it :lol:

C:\ [waiting for your order Oh Mighty Mistress!]

So I went there, and I uploaded all the repository of Lyrositor in mine!

My repository is public, you can find it over here: (Note that for now, it should be the same exact copy as the one in Lyrositor's repo)

Re: Build #121 - Skydiving client?

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:11 am
by Annabelle
I have to take some time off a little bit... the month of June has been rough with me in RL... one bad news last Friday which was just one more adding up (5th bad news since a month and a half) and the 6th one of yesterday (June 27th) just got me in a complete disarray! I can't take more!

I'm not overwhelmed by the task and cowarding off. I just have to take some time off, cope with all the late bad news piling up one over the other and come back to get the Skydiving Client working!

You might ask yourselves, why do you want so bad that client? You might not been aware much because I'm mostly silent since few years after being on the front scene mostly between 2010-2013 but I have a lot of material, I worked on a lot of projects involving that particular Skydiving Client, hours of material. I learnt how to get my stuff up to par (I never learned Video Editing in a formal setting, I had to come up on my very own with my forces & weaknesses). There was up until recently a real gap between editing a video from URU:CC (taking me 1 day between filming and completion) and editing a video from Skydiving Client (which was "impossible" up until a few months ago, it took me years to figure that out!) I've never back down though, keeping everything (well... almost everyting, I did some deletion which now I regret...)

I cannot just come back on the front scene, sharing my projects and saying: "Oh and by the way... all these marvellous things I'm sharing with you...well that's that! No one can ever do that anymore because we are stuck with a complete stuck up "normal client" where we cannot even lift ourselves up thanks to 'those' who thought they were improving the game!!!" :roll:

Many explorers will be tempted to try out what I'll be showing in my videos, they will say let's log on MOULa and hit the road! Yeah... Well, let's say there will be a major hurdle down that said "road" for them without the Skydiving client...

So I'll be back to set up the Skydiving Client, I'll still be needing your assistance because I have a general idea how things work but there are many grey zones nevertheless. But for now, unfortunately, I'm not in the mood. As you can read it I'm in a negative mood (which is great for ranting though ;) but most inefficient to achieve or getting assistance (I'm still wise you know...)

And I want to make it because we are always better served by ourselves if it's of any interest. I see the real advantage of Skydiving Client so I might be the better person here to take care of it because ... hmm let's say... I care about it which doesn't seem to be the case of many around...

Thanks for the help so far! I'll come back here when I'll be ready!

Re: Build #121 - Skydiving client?

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:36 pm
by Christian Walther
I too would recommend merging CWE-ou (MOULa) and the Skydiver Client in Mercurial. If you are lucky, that just works without conflict, as there have been no changes to physics in the MOULa update. That’s a much simpler and more elegant way than cherry-picking individual changes in one or the other direction. Also note that #36 is not the only Python API addition used by the new scripts on MOULa, there is also #26 (which may also be playing a role in what’s breaking the KI) and #35 (which might be breaking some things in the neighborhood).

I might have time to walk you through it this weekend, Annabelle, but if you need a longer break, that’s fine. Of course, if I have time, I could as well use that time to do it myself, but teach a woman to fish and all that. It always helps to get more developers on board.

Re: Build #121 - Skydiving client?

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:32 pm
by Fedeykin
It's been a while since anything has been posted regarding the "Skydiver Client" and I was wondering if anyone has any news other than what is posted here and over at the MOULa forum?
I'm hoping that RL is treating everybody a bit better and although I'm not a coder or super computer geeky, if there is something I can do to help in the effort to restore the Skydiver client, count me in as I'm retired and have some time.