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Setup script

Post by Marten » Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:10 pm

I have written a setup script for the MOSS server. I've attached it to the issue logged in JIRA at . I'd appreciate feedback.

The script has some very basic rules:
  • Put the script in the root of wherever you installed MOSS, and run it with one argument: The path to the MOSS build tree.
  • The script will refuse to run as root. You should run the script as the user that will run the MOSS server; that way, the encryption keys will be set up with the correct owner.
  • 'unzip' and 'perl' should be in the environment PATH. If perl is not found, the mbam files will not be generated and you'll be on your own to make and install them.
  • In your install root, you should place 3 Zip archives:,, and The file is something you must build yourself from your Myst Online install, everything in the Zip must be within a CyanStructure folder, and there must NOT be a Data folder. You'll have to manually install any data that you want to redistribute from your MOSS server.
A few other notes:
  • The encryption keys are made with OpenSSH generators 2 (auth), 3 (game), and 5 (gatekeeper). Client files are placed into a "client" directory.
  • The default configuration files are installed but are not modified. If you need to change the database user name, or want to code in absolute paths as suggested in the setup instructions, that's in your hands.
  • You're also on your own for any database modifications, such as importing Sharper's journal and so forth.
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Re: Setup script

Post by rarified » Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:58 am

Thank you Marten, I'll look tonight or tomorrow.

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