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Login problems

Post by Mystler » Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:36 am

I have a little question:

What could be causing the line

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1332703761.571059  MSGS auth.2e731794:38367: (backend) Login failed, result=20

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1332703774.300364  MSGS auth.2e731794:38367: (backend) Login failed, result=13
in the auth server log?
There is a player who cannot login for reasons I don't know.

And could it be that

Code: Select all

1332724518.863743  WARN backend: VAULT_ADDREF reqid 1150 add 0->113763 (110981) FAILED
in the backend log is related to it?

I am also experiencing Socket errors like

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1332724741.970656  WARN backend: Socket 9 selected for write but could not write()
but I could not figure out the problem yet. However, I am still playing with log levels to find something interesting.


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