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Post by admin » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:23 am

No doubt you all will have ideas to advance the purpose of these forums. We have our two initial purposes now: MOUL and Open Source proposals. Beyond my initial usage of "OpenURU" as something for Open Source, I would like to "open" the meaning up to more than just this. It could, for example, be:

- A place for open minds.
- A place open to the community to discuss and develop ideas generally (more on this below).
- A place working to open the URU community to anyone.
- A place open to providing project development resources.

The Guild of Ideas, by its name, suggests there is already a place for ideas, so why duplicate this approach? Because "Guild" represents an IC structure, a deeper hierarchy, the burden of disguising language, and connotations of privilege. I meant OpenURU to be a Real World outfit which does not have to involve itself in IC matters. That makes it accessible and "open" to real members of all Guilds, or anyone else at all who has no clue what a Guild is but want to be involved in URU. The creation of open source software demands an open community ready to work in a real space. And I would like to encourage the more equal worldwide nature of open source management.

Here are some ideas representing that mission:

- Email service on the domain for contributors.
- Project subdomains to host project websites.
- A forum section we could call "Flogs" (Forum Logs) where active members get their own forum and membership control to freely blog (or soapbox) and get responses in a forum structure.

As you can see in the current forum structure there is a project section for project forums like Jamey's MOUL project. I would like to keep all forums of all projects in this one central forum. i.e. although a project can have its own subdomain (, it would not have it's own complete set of forums. One community. One central forum for easier communication among all projects and ideas.

There are three key principles I want everyone to keep in mind, but all principles can be derived from the first:

1) Do no damage.
2) All projects and behavior must be legal.
3) Cyan rights must be respected.

The fact that Jamey accepted this offer to host his project here was, in part, responsible for expanding my awareness of what kind of scope we could implement here with some work. In that way, the failure of any project to be accepted and implemented by Cyan, or whomever, will not be a loss to the purpose of what can be done here.

Please feel free list and discuss all your ideas here, or start a new topic on any issue which inspires you.


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